In 2017, damaged properties caused by fires were worth billions of dollars. And out of 6,000 people who die every year from fires, 3,000 die from smoke inhalation

Homeowners believed that after the firefighters extinguished the flames and saved their home from burning down, the home is safe again. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Smoke damage can be dangerous to your health and can create problems in your home. That’s why a professional fire and smoke cleanup is very important.


What is Smoke Damage?

Smoke damage is physical damage from the smoke that’s produced by a fire, not the damage caused by the fire itself. Caused by the remnants of the fuel that fed the fire, smoke does not destroy items but coats objects in soot and odor. 

Important Issues About Smoke Damage

We have come up with four important issues about smoke damage. On some occasions, smoke damage is clearly apparent. But others may take days or more to manifest and can be harmful to surfaces in your home and your health as well.

1. Smoke Damage Can Affect Your Health

Any items such as carpeting, furniture, curtains, clothing, and other household items that act as fuel can lead to denser, heavy smoke and soot. This smoke and soot can hang around inside the house for quite a long time after the fire has been put out. Furthermore, soot is toxic and can bring about serious health issues. Because a soot particle is so small (about 2.5 microns in size compared to a dust particle which is 40 microns) that it can penetrate without difficulty the lungs, skin, and eyes. Other problems include watery eyes, runny nose, cough, upper respiratory problems, complications related to the heart, and compromised immune system.

 Seeking out the assistance of a professional smoke and cleanup service is the best way to remove smoke and soot particles from your home. They will make sure that you and your loved ones will safely return to your home.

2. Smoke Damage Causes Stains And Discoloration

Ignoring the effects of smoke damage can lead to permanent, visible yellow staining or discoloration of your walls and ceilings. After a few hours, ash and soot are also responsible for distorted or warping of wood and plastic services. It can also tarnish metals, marble, and granite.

To prevent this from happening, it’s necessary that you hire a fire restoration service company as soon as possible.

3. Smoke Damage Can Harm Electrical Equipment

If the fire affected the electrical system particularly electrical wires or equipment, it is safe to assume that they are no longer working. Signs of electrical damage include noticeable corrosion of switches, cords, wires, or outlets. Moreover, any experience with malfunctions or short circuits can be signs of electrical damage, too.

4. Smoke Damage Gives Offensive Odor

Smoke is made up of various components that contribute to its pungent smell. The unpleasant smell can linger in your home for a long time if it’s not addressed immediately. So it’s necessary that you seek professional help in cleaning and getting rid of smoke damage from your home right away after a fire.

Call Fire And Smoke Damage Cleanup Professionals

Superior Flood and Fire Restoration can safely and effectively clean up toxic smoke damage in your home or business. We make sure that you and your family’s safety is our priority. Call Water Damage San Jacinto for smoke damage cleanup and restoration. We are available 24/7.