Superior Flood and Fire Restoration provides a full range of attic services including attic cleaning and disinfection, insulation removal and installation, water and smoke damage mitigation, rodent proofing and air duct repair and replacement.

Superior’s Insulation Removal Process

Removing dirty, contaminated insulation is a key step before new insulation is installed. Contaminated insulation may contain high levels of fine dust, rodent droppings and following a house or wildfire may contain toxic smoke residues.  All of these contribute to unhealthy home air quality and can reduce the energy efficiency of the insulation.

Attic Insulation Installation

Superior’s experienced technicians will remove smoke damaged or rodent contaminated insulation, seal air leakage and rodent access points and install new insulation.

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We use high quality eco-friendly insulation with excellent insulating and fire-retardant properties.  Our new or upgraded insulation along with sealing the attic leaks which allow heat to escape out of your house in winter and cool air to escape in the summer will can make your home more energy efficient, comfortable and save on utility costs.  If your current insulation is in good shape but it is not sufficient to provide maximum energy efficiency, we can add blown in insulation to bring it up to recommended levels.

Superior’s Standards of Cleanliness

At Superior Flood and Fire Restoration we take great pride in our job site preparation and clean-up.  Before performing insulation removal or installation services we will set up containments as needed to prevent any debris or dust from getting into your home.  When the job is completed we will take you on a walk-through inspection to confirm that all areas have been completed to your satisfaction.

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