One of the most crucial areas in our homes that people sometimes neglect and take advantage of is the toilet. However, there are some cases that even if you strive to keep your toilets clean, unpredicted things happen like plumbing system failure and overflowing tanks that can lead to overflowing toilets. 

Homeowners should strive to keep the toilets clean. Toilet sanitation lies in helping reduce the spread of germs which are capable of causing a lot of diseases and prevent further water damage. Below are the causes of overflowing toilets and ways on how to handle them. 


Causes Of An Overflowing Toilet

Knowing the cause of an overflowing toilet would make prevention and repairs easier. So check the following possible causes to prevent water damage or bacteria:

1. Sewer-related Issues

If a problem is in a part of a sewer pipe that is located under private property, this would involve yard digging and labor racking up for hours. Clogged main drain or sewer line due to flushing paper towels or non-flushable materials can cause a toilet to overflow or a basement to flood. Moreover, tree roots can also perforate your sewer lines due to pressure letting the sediments in and other debris that could cause a blockage. Hiring an expert to discuss any sewer-related issues could be the best option.

2. Obstructed Vents

Plumbing vents can also become damaged or obstructed. A plumbing vent is a pipe connected vertically to plumbing fixtures in the house to supply fresh air that goes down the drainage pipes every time you flush the toilet. They are usually located on roofs. If a vent is obstructed or clogged, the toilet can’t be flushed properly because draining will move slowly or stop. Thus, leading to overflowing of your toilet. Call a pro to inspect the situation.  

3. Clogged or Blocked Pipes

Paper towels, sanitary products, wipes, hair, or other hard to flush materials can be culprits of clogged pipes and obstructed drains.  Toilet clogs or the nearby pipe clogs will halt water from draining when you try to flush it. Old model low-flow toilets often develop clogs thus flushing more than once is needed. Clogs that take several hours to drain are often hard for homeowners to fix alone. You may contact a specialist to help you with clogs.      

4. A Filled Septic Tank

In place of a municipal sewer system, homeowners opt to have septic tanks that could have a similar concern. A septic tank is a watertight container that holds wastewater and releases excess water to the surface. A filled septic tank is another reason why toilets overflow. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), homeowners should schedule regular maintenance and inspection of their septic system at least every 3 years by a professional.

How To Manage An Overflowing Toilet

The best thing you can do for your home’s plumbing concerns such as toilet overflow is maintaining it. This will help you save money and can also protect your family and the environment. Here are some tips that you can follow when your toilet overflows:

  • Use a good plunger to eliminate toilet clogs. Flushing repetitively will just worsen the situation especially if pipes are clogged.
  • Switch off the water supply immediately once you notice that water is overflowing from the toilet onto the floor and surrounding areas.
  • Place and hang signboards such as “Temporarily closed” if water damage is apparent in business areas. This will inform and alert people not to use the restroom or the washroom that is under repair.
  • Inspect drywalls and other possible damaged areas. The extent of damage can be serious because soaked drywalls may interfere with electrical wirings. Turn off the main power supply to prevent bigger problems.
  • Notify your insurance company. The damage involves sewage water and may extend the bathroom. It is important to inform your agent to help you manage your expenses and recommend a good restoration company. 


Contact Water Damage Restoration Pro

Don’t snub toilet overflow water damage. Hire a reliable and certified restoration company like Superior Flood and Fire to save you, your loved ones, and your property from further water damage issues. Please don’t hesitate to call our local office today, Water Damage San Jacinto. We are available 24/7 to better serve you.