Homeowners would agree that when water damage occurs, the burden follows especially if not addressed right away.  Whether it’s from a natural disaster or burst pipe, getting rid of excess water is necessary to prevent severe damage to your home. And water extraction is one of the necessary steps taken to prevent further damage to your property. Read on to learn more about water extraction services and why it is necessary after water damage has occurred.


Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration

This complex process involves several steps such as water extraction, water mitigation, water damage restoration, mold mitigation, etc. Getting rid of water from the affected area is the first thing to do to prevent it from spreading and causing extensive damage.


Water Extraction Services—What is it?

Water extraction is the process of removing all standing water and excess moisture from your home or property. This is the most important step of the restoration process. Not only does it help in preventing severe structural damage, but also speeds up the drying time and process. Moreover, it helps in preventing mold growth which could pose a serious health threat and secondary water damage.

Water Extraction Processes

 Water extraction is a complicated process best left to a reliable restoration company. Nevertheless, understanding the process needed for water removal is so important to know what areas of your home can be salvaged and what you can do to restore your property.

  • The source of unwanted water should be stopped for the water removal process to begin. Shut off the main water pipe to your home.
  • Draining the water and removing excess water is necessary to prevent further damage. This can be done by using the following: 
  1. Vacuums such as wet/dry vacuums effectively get rid of excess water in floors, carpet and pad,  and other porous surfaces. 
  2. Pumps can get rid of gallons of water at once. A pump works by pumping up the water and draining it out away from your home. Examples include a submersible pump and a sump pump.
  3. Other professional water removal equipment or tools may also be used in the extraction process such as moisture detectors or hygrometers. These machines measure the extent of moisture saturation. Infrared cameras, truck-mounted and portable extraction units, etc. may also be used.
  • Remove non-visible water to prevent mold formation and further damage to your property. Water can find its way into areas such as walls.

 Performing Water Extraction On Your Own

 While you may have a dry/wet vacuum and a fan to remove a certain amount of water by yourself, it may not be a good idea. Water extraction requires the right techniques and equipment to do the job easily and properly.

In addition, a professional water restoration company has the right tools to ensure all water from your home is removed. Some areas with water damage may be missed which can cause more damages. In case of the water damage involves contaminated water due to natural flooding or sewage backup, it is not safe to handle on your own.


 Why Emergency Water Extraction is Necessary?

Water damage can cause minor to major damages to your home. Never waste time because the longer the water stays in the property, the greater the damage will be. It can compromise its structural integrity and can even cause secondary water damage like the growth of mold. Mold is not a joke and can pose illnesses to you and your family. 

As soon as you remove water from your property, the chances of having a successful restoration are great. Water extraction is a necessary process that can have a lot of impact on restoring your home or property.


Superior Flood and Fire Water Extraction Services

We understand how stressful and disastrous water damage can be. Superior Flood and Fire is here to provide you quality service and is knowledgeable about performing professional water extraction and other restoration processes. We have state-of-the-art equipment and following proper steps is important so we won’t miss a thing.

 If you need water extraction and restoration services, please don’t hesitate to contact our local office, Water Damage San Jacinto. We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you better.