Each year, from 2016 to 2018, fire departments in the United States responded to an estimated average of 189,300 cooking fires in residential buildings. Many house fires start in the kitchen and the majority of all kitchen fires start from cooking that is left unattended on the stove. 


The safest way to deal with fire is to prevent it. However, if a fire occurs and gets out of control, you’ll most likely need to contact a fire damage restoration service right away to examine, analyze, and restore your kitchen. 


Kitchen Safety Tips

You can prevent kitchen fires by taking safety precautions. The tips provided will help you and your family safe in the kitchen.  

1. Be Alert

  • Don’t cook on the stove if you’ve been consuming alcohol.
  • Avoid using the stove if you are so sleepy.

2. Stay Near the Heat Source

  • Turn off all heat sources before you turn away.
  • Never leave cooking unattended. 
  • Leave doors or lids closed in all cases. Keeping the lid or door closed can eliminate the heat source and smother the oxygen supply.


3. Guard Against Grease

  • Don’t let fats and oils build up around the stove, they can catch fire.
  • Heat oil carefully and do not overfill the pot or pan.
  • Never use water, flour, or salt to put out an oil or fat fire on the stove.
  • Use a lid or fire blanket to smother a fire in a pot or pan. Keep a lid nearby to contain small grease fires.
  • Don’t move a flaming pot or pan away from the stove. Movement of the pot or pan can fan the flames and add oxygen, thus spreading the fire.

4. Be Clean

  • Keep all materials, including plastic ware and packaging, away from the heat. 
  • A greasy plastic or wooden spoon can get hot enough to ignite. So, keep your work areas clean, as well as the oven, stove, and grill. 
  • Clean off the grill grate because the grease from a previous cookout can ignite.

5. Dress To Cook

  • Wear clothing with tight-fitting sleeves when cooking. Loose clothing can unintentionally contact a flame and catch fire.
  • Roll up sleeves to keep them away from cooking surfaces.
  • Tuck in shirts before cooking.

6. Space for Grilling

  • Kids should stay at least three feet from heat sources. But for outdoor grills, they should be placed well over ten feet from the home structure and as far away from railings or trees as possible to avoid fires.
  • Check the owner’s manual for more tips for the best placement of the grill.

7. Use a Timer

  • Regularly check the food that is simmering, baking, roasting, or boiling.  
  • Use a timer as a reminder that food is cooking. Periodically check timers to make sure they are working.

8. Be with Kids

  • Kids should stay away at least three feet away from heat sources, whether inside or out.
  • Turning pot handles inward or making an imaginary ring around a grilling area, the risk of a child grabbing the pot or accidentally knocking over a grill is reduced. 

9. Control Fires

  • Install a smoke detector just outside of your kitchen.
  • Keep a dry chemical fire extinguisher in the kitchen.
  • Don’t put water on a grease fire. Instead, smother it with a pot lid or use baking soda or a chemical fire extinguisher.


Contact Professionals At Superior Flood and Fire For Fire Restoration Services


By taking the above precautionary measures, you can prevent fire in your kitchen. A safer kitchen will help safeguard your home and family. In case you experience a house fire, contact Superior Restoration immediately for restoration services. 

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